Dark Nova is a fast paced multiplayer game run directly in the browser. It is designed with inspiration from traditional 'io' games as well as fast paced team games (e.g. Counter Strike). Based out of Salt Lake City, UT and Baltimore, MD we are 2 devs that comprise Blackfall, LLC. You can follow Blake and Ryan, as well as Dark Nova, on twitter. Thanks for stopping by!

Dark Nova is in Early Access

We are very excited to announce that Dark Nova is now available as a part of an Early Access release. This means we will be making servers generally available but with a caveat of potentially unstructured downtime, updates, and other limitations. Our focus during this release will be performance, balance, communication, region expansion and scale.

Please report all issues to darknovaonline@gmail.com.

Making of Dark Nova

Dark Nova, Phaser, GitLab, and AWS

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Dark Nova is in Beta

Welcome to Dark Nova

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